Fanfiction Pet Peeve

My biggest pet peeve about fanfiction has to do with sex. Yes. Sex. Lemons. Smut. Whatever you want to call it.

What is this pet peeve?

Mostly it has to do with ‘first time’ sex. Virgins. Before I had any personal experience or basic knowledge of reproductive anatomy and function, I was perfectly fine reading fanfiction involving pretty much the following:

Male enters female and stops because of a barrier, which he then breaks and is incredibly painful, the chick cries, etc.

How about an anatomy lesson?

That so-called ‘barrier’ is called the hymen, folks. It is a membrane of elastic skin that lines the vaginal opening. It’s more like a hair scrunchie than a wall covering the entire opening.

I don’t care if a girl lives in a bubble or if she has ridden horses her entire life. The initial penetration should not cause pain, tearing, bleeding, etc. under any circumstance. And if it does, then sex should be postponed until the cause is determined.

Any pain from intercourse is usually caused by the penis being too large, lack of lubrication, or even such things like the woman being too tense or anticipating pain. Otherwise, if it is the ‘hymen’ causing the issue then there is something seriously, physically wrong with your anatomy.

This inaccuracy annoys me so much that as soon as I read anything alluding to it in a fanfiction, I automatically find something else to read and make it a point never to read that story or anything written by that author again.

So what can we do?

How about learn from reality? Learn from what I’m saying? Make it realistic, not this cheesy (completely ridiculous and cliché) crap. Yes. That’s what it is. Crap. Complete and utter bullshit.

You can write your own personal stories how you want, but if you’re writing anything for me or in response to any fanfiction challenges, I do ask that you keep it biologically and anatomically accurate. Thank you.